Join us for an exclusive IMA tour

An inside look at the Asian Art Collection at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

On Thursday, November 19, the Alumni Club of Indiana is excited to host an event at the Indianapolis Museum of Art where we will be to explore the Asian Art collection. Marni Fetchman, board officer of the Asian Art Society, will be serving as speaker and tour guide for this event, bringing her years of experience in leading tours of the Asian art collection to our alumni group.

This collection is one of the nation's largest and most significant displays of Asian art with over 400 works spanning over 4000 years of art from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, India, and West and Southeast Asia. This innovative showcase is sure to enthrall and appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds, and degrees of experience with the art of Asia. For more information about the collection and a preview of what to expect, check out the IMA website here!

Want to learn more about the event? Check out the event page here. Don't wait - register today!